Thursday, April 29, 2010

Limestone Doorway Installed

303 5th Ave. New York, NY
 Here it is the over all view of the capitals and the cartouche DMS Studios sculpted for this project. We sculpted and carved the architectural elements that couldn't be done on machine.

We were asked by Robert Young & Sons to work on this project because they needed our expertise and experience in getting the sculptural elements just right. We have worked with Robert Young on many projects in the past and this was one of the most enjoyable ones.

It's always nice to see the end result up on the building. To look back and say hey we were a part of that, is really a great thing. To be part of the restoration of New York City's historic architecture is so rewarding. Maybe it will be around for another 100 years!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Architectural Stone Carving & Sculpture

Architectural Stone Carving & Sculpture
Beautiful works of art. Stone carvings such as this are less and less common as time goes by. There was a time and place for such beauty and it is not today.
Today our culture is run by speed and production. There is just no possible way to produce something like this, the same way you can put up a tin building today. Yes, I am bias. I can't really appreciate the architecture that is being done today. It just doesn't have the charm or sophistication. It feel it is empty and cold. Modern architecture can be sleek and stylish, but I think it loses it's presence after a year or two and simply becomes another glass box. Your eyes kind of glaze over it and there is nothing there to capture you.

A typical turn of the century New York building. I don't remember exactly where this building sits, but it is so charming and elegant. It has such character. Even though it may be hundreds of years old, it still impresses you in every way. But more than that, it comforts you. It's like an old sweater or jacket that you love to put on in the fall breeze even though it's sooo out of style and doesn't match anything else in your closet. I think this old time architecture brings a sense of calm and peace to the environment. Especially in the big city. You feel a human warmth coming from the hand cladded stone.
Architectural details such as this,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stone carving a limestone capital

Stone Carving a Limestone Capital

This picture shows the clay model that was first sculpted in order to produce this capital in stone. After sculpting it in clay, we can begin to carve the limestone capital. This is the only way to get an accurate reproduction of authentic stone capital.

This is a rigid plaster cast of the sculpted clay capital. 

This photo shows the beginning of the carved limestone. In this part of the sculptural process requires a skilled and experienced craftsman to set points and copy the model from the plaster cast. The carving shown here is the progress only after 3 days starting with a pure block of limestone.

This photo show two identical capitals one for the left side and the other for the right side of an entryway. These capitals have been refined and carved to be exact replicas of the classic work that was done in the past. DMS Studios works very hard to produce historical and authentic quality in our work

Monday, November 23, 2009

Art Deco Stone Carving

Reproduction Stone Carving of Art Deco Mask  

DMS Studios was asked to reproduce an Art Deco sculpture as a stone carving just like the one pictured below. We were happy to take on this project considering that is exactly what we specialize in. People expect us to do what isn't done anymore, and we do it. Specially since stone carving of this nature is a skill of the past.

The first step was to resculpt the original design in clay using just the single photo reference Dan Sinclair modeled the design just like the original using water clay. Then it was carved in limestone. Below you will see the original design and under that you will see the finished stone carving in limestone. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brownstone Stone Carving, Manhattan, NY

Brownstone Stone Carving for Manhattan High SchoolThis Brownstone Panel is a great example of modern day stone carving. It's 13 feet long and about 4 feet tall. It took us about 3 weeks to carve the whole thing. In order to reproduce the original stone carving design we took an impression and cast a model in order to study how it was originally carved. We also had many detailed snapshots of the original stone carving to use as references. This style of stone carving can be seen all over New York City. We were very proud to be part of this historical charm New York City has to offer through it's rich historical stone architecture.
The Original Brownstone Panel
This is the the piece that was on the building. You can see how much the original stone carving has deteriorated over the years. These two pictures are stone carvings from the same building. They are set lower on the building beneath the large panel we carved. We didn't restore these pieces, but I wanted to take a snap shot of them anyway.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stone Carving on Grand Central Station, NYC

Stone Carving Grand Central Station, NYC

DMS Studios was lucky enough to do some restoration stone carving on this historic and spectacular building. 

We were standing about 100 ft. up in the air on top of Grand Central looking at what work needed done. We also cast parts of the original stone carvings from the building. I took a bunch of photos and I wanted to post them on here for everyone else to see what it looks like standing on top of Grand Central.

Hope you enjoy!