Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brownstone Stone Carving, Manhattan, NY

Brownstone Stone Carving for Manhattan High SchoolThis Brownstone Panel is a great example of modern day stone carving. It's 13 feet long and about 4 feet tall. It took us about 3 weeks to carve the whole thing. In order to reproduce the original stone carving design we took an impression and cast a model in order to study how it was originally carved. We also had many detailed snapshots of the original stone carving to use as references. This style of stone carving can be seen all over New York City. We were very proud to be part of this historical charm New York City has to offer through it's rich historical stone architecture.
The Original Brownstone Panel
This is the the piece that was on the building. You can see how much the original stone carving has deteriorated over the years. These two pictures are stone carvings from the same building. They are set lower on the building beneath the large panel we carved. We didn't restore these pieces, but I wanted to take a snap shot of them anyway.

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