Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stone carving a limestone capital

Stone Carving a Limestone Capital

This picture shows the clay model that was first sculpted in order to produce this capital in stone. After sculpting it in clay, we can begin to carve the limestone capital. This is the only way to get an accurate reproduction of authentic stone capital.

This is a rigid plaster cast of the sculpted clay capital. 

This photo shows the beginning of the carved limestone. In this part of the sculptural process requires a skilled and experienced craftsman to set points and copy the model from the plaster cast. The carving shown here is the progress only after 3 days starting with a pure block of limestone.

This photo show two identical capitals one for the left side and the other for the right side of an entryway. These capitals have been refined and carved to be exact replicas of the classic work that was done in the past. DMS Studios works very hard to produce historical and authentic quality in our work

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